Judy Stapleton

Printmaker and painter, Judy has work in the V&A collection, London. In addition to her practice, Judy was for many years exhibitions organizer at Brighton Polytechnic. Judy was also a director of Four Square, an enabling group to help practising artists work in disciplines not normally open to them. Artists included sculptor Hamish Black, to produce a book on his drawings, and printmaker Sue Gollifer, to produce enamel panels, two of which were donated to Eastbourne Hospital Arts Trust an organization Judy worked with. Founder Member of Brighton Open Studios, Judy has also for many years supported her husband, Harvey Daniels in his numerous outreach projects acting as project manager and co-ordinator.

Judy Stapleton - Diana Kool

Judy Stapleton – Diana Kool

Judy Stapleton - Diana Wish

Judy Stapleton – Diana Wish

Judy Stapleton – Ellla Fella

Judy Stapleton – Ellla Fella